What I have done in years?

Graduated from university,  working for software companies in China. Mainly work area is PHP, SEO, Prototype Design and Project Management.  Why in English? Because I preferred! :)

Actual Talk :
This blog indeed, built on CentOS VPS. WordPress+Responsive Template+Modify in CSS and PHP myself, I did learn lot from making the whole thing by myself.

Github Project :
I do write opensource codes on it. Codes mainly cover PHP, jQuery and some JAVA. Fork anything you’re interested.

aXmag :
Terrific sites for making  flipping books. I made a lot of efforts in running this products, when I left, I left a website, which is PR7, and 10+ subsites with PR 4-5+. They must be still running this site greatly, and aXmag is a greate product without doubts.


Both IQIYI and PPS are great video websites in China. I’ve been working for PPS from the year 2013, as the consolidation of IQYI and PPS, I also work for IQIYI now.

I think that’s it.

Best Regards

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